'' My Momma said there would be days like these '' ...... and the great Van Morrison would be right, yesterday was one of those days!

The fact is though, that, having got ourselves into a winning position, we stopped playing around the 60-minute mark and our guests did not. Simple as that so let's not beat ourselves up too much. Preston Lodge will beat most sides at home and quite a few away as will we, GHK, Peebles, Dumfries etc. In short this is a league that will provide many twists and turns but the great thing is we, as a Club, remain focused on making players better and to do that, you have to accept defeat as part of that learning curve. As my son David says '' no-one ever goes onto the pitch hoping to lose. '' But it still hurts!

Off the pitch though the day was another triumph with a most convivial lunch held in the clubhouse where just under seventy of the faithful gathered to hear brother JIm do a one-to-one with John Hardie. Prior to the Whitecraigs match, Alex Hagart alluded to the character of the man. We were not to be disappointed as the audience listened intently to this very humble man talk about his rugby life. If John stays with us for just a season or even two, the lives of our players will be much enhanced by his very presence. 

It was also so good too to see great stalwarts of the club back in the clubhouse for lunch. Alex Brewster, Ian Duguid and brother John too giving their time and support. People forget, that, whist we did have some success in the late 70's and 80's we weren't all conquering by any means! We too, had plenty of '' days like these ''.

It was so good to see Tony Wood at the lunch. Tony has made it through a particularly tough patch health wise but looking much the better now. We must never lose sight that there are actually more important things than a game of rugby and despite the rivalries, kindness, fellowship and friendship must remain at its very core.

It was the Bear told me about the rouse they adopted at Goldenacre on lunch days. In short, he said, put up a decent signed bottle of malt in the raffle and it's expected that if won by a member, then the winner hands it back for the next lunch. Sounds like a plan for not only did the bottle of malt come back, so did half a dozen bottles of wine too! Many thanks to Nick Penny who stumped up for the Mossburn Distillers malt and to all who contributed towards the raffle in terms of cash or donations. The club runs solely on the goodwill of its many members, friends and sponsors - thank you. 

Am not going to gloss over it yesterday was a bit of setback but plusses abound. The arrival of Brendan Scott on the left wing for one. He's a powerful young man who left his mark on a few of the PL lads as he thundered into them. Between the two squads the school provided ten players which must be a record since the turn of the Millenium? It was also so good to see to Bryn Lockie and his colleagues taking a table at the lunch too confirming the link with the school is getting stronger once again. We have one of the greatest stables in the country between the school, the Lions and the Vikings. If we hold the line we will come through the difficulties that all clubs are facing in terms of player numbers.

But yesterday wasn't all bad by any means for the Hearts won 3-0, Haseefah ( my old boss's horse ) won at Market Rasen and that great friend of the Club, Dean Richards, won at Bath! '' Come on you Falcons !! ''

As a club we have taken 13pts out of a possible 20pts in September ....... hold the line and keep the faith as we travel to Newton Stewart next Saturday. The great thing about rugby is that there is always next week to sort things out!

Let's remember too that many clubs are having difficulties with covid etc ...... touch wood, all the precautions we are taking is keeping everyone safe. Let's keep it that way.


Hon Vice President